Checklist for purchasing homes in Toronto


Checklist for purchasing homes in Toronto

Selling and buying homes is both financially and emotionally challenging ordeal. You need to the steps that are involved when buying a house, especially in Toronto. The following checklist can act as a guideline when purchasing a house in Toronto.

Financing the purchase

financeYou have to be aware of the numbers which come with your purchase. These can include closing and down payment costs. Ensure you do not trick yourself into thinking that the money that you used to pay your rent can be enough for a mortgage payment. You need to add fifty percent of the amount you used to pay rent to pay the mortgage comfortably.


The first thing you need to think about when buying a house if whether owning a home is your best option. Owning a home may come with some set of responsibilities that include purchasing furniture, mowing the lawns, maintenance as well as repair costs, mortgage and property tax payments.

Pre-approval for financing

You need to get the required approval for your financing before starting your search for a house. This will determine your affordable price range as well as make it easier when you find the home you like. Be aware that this will only size up you financing power but not get your approval for the mortgage.

Home types

You have to think of the size, type and architectural design of your home well in advance. Toronto offers a wide variety of homes, so you need to look around to get a clear picture of what type of home you want.


You need to understand the location where you want to purchase a house. Factors like the proximity of amenities, good schools, low crime rate and convenient access should help you locate the area to buy a house. Talk to neighbors and ensure you take a walk at night and during the day to see for yourself.

Home inspection

This is usually optional but doing a proper inspection can save you troubles. It costs between three hundred and four hundred dollars, but it is very helpful in the long run. Hire professional inspectors to do the job. You can find the information on home inspections of buyers guide.


researchjsdkxfcgWith technological advancement, today you have the internet at your hands. This makes it easy for you to do your research and find the various styles of homes, their market values, and the locations. The clearer your idea is about your next home, the better and easier it will be to work with realtors for the best results. MLS listings give potential search engines and houses.